Krista was the first of the official Bout Time Girls. Her versatility (and skill at recruiting!) made her a lasting

favorite with our members. She helped establish the BTS style-mixing wrestling, boxing and catfighting.

Included in this set are 74 Galleries (some rare) and an assortment of misc photos--over 6,100 in all

in a tidy Zip file!


Jael was lady #3 and was our powerhouse. She’d done Tough Enough and had a passion for

wrestling, always wanting to mix in legit holds and execute them correctly. Her deisre to make

it look good made her a few enemies, but was greatly appreciated by the fans!

Included in this set are 75 Galleries (including some very rare ones) and some

additonal photos-over 5,500 in all in a tidy Zip file!


Charlee was one of the first of our 2nd wave of ladies. Girl Next Door types were great but could be

unreliable, so we turned to some professional models to help expand the ranks. Charlee definitely

had the wrestling bug. We shot her twice before she became the Charlee Chase that most know

today. Some of those sets are included in the 46 Galleries and additional misc. photos here.

There are 4,300 photos in this set in a tidy Zip file.


Casper found us while we’d been looking for her after seeing her on another website. Her facial expression

were perfect for the kinds of matches that we were doing and she always threw herself into the shoots.

52 of her best Galleries are here along with a smattering of outtakes-over 5,300 photos in all in a tidy Zip file.


Rachel came out of nowhere and turned out be a real asset. Her over the top figure and tomboyish

attitude fit right in with our style and she was always game for whatever we and the other ladies threw

at her. She could take it and dish it out as well.

32 Galleries (including some Bonus ones) and some extra outtake photos-over 3,300 shots in a tidy Zip file!


London was definitely more model-y than wrestle-y, but always up for anything and had a body style

that a lot of our members favored. We didn’t get her over as often as we would’ve liked, but this

is set is a good representation of her time on our mats. Over 1,400 photos in a tidy Zip file!


Our fans have always been divided-alot of the wrestling fans can’t stand the boxing, but our boxing

fans have always been able to shout them down. Our ladies always love putting on the gloves and

having a go at it.

Our boxing is always very street-expect the ladies to hit and kick, even when they’ve got the other girl down,

and they don’t shy away from the more sensitive areas of the female form!

40 Galleries plus extra pics make up this set of well over 3,100 photos in a tidy Zip file.


Guys know that women are sometimes even more obsessed with boobs than they are and they

can make a pretty obvious (and effective!) target in a fight. Sometimes it’s to break a hold, sometimes

it’s just to inflict pain -and our ladies are well practiced at it!

Culled from our archives, here are 22 galleries and an assortment of photos (over 2,500) devoted to

mammary mauling featuring some of our most popular and, frankly, some of our most endowed performers.


Legs are a very effective weapon in a fight. Whether wrapped around an opponent’s head

or their waist, a little squeeze can go a long way!

9 galleries, including some scissors tournaments and loads of individual shots give

this Zip file set over 1,100 photos!


Our fans like a decisive finish-and so do our ladies! Whether it’s some exotic pin, sheer exahustion

or a hold that is just inescapable, the endings and subsequent smug posing overs are

some of our most popular features.

A couple of galleries and lots of photos-about 450 in this Zip archive.


About as dirty as dirty fighting gets, sometimes a good way to slow down one’s opponent is a

swift kick below the belt. Not effective on ladies? Try nailing just the right spot and see what happens!

8 galleries of crotch-centric fights and loads of misc. photos show you how low our ladies will go in this

1,000 photo Zip file.


What takes a girl fight into the realm of full-on bitchy catfight? Hairpulling is that essential

ingredient that’s got to be there!

Here is a set of some 250 shots of coiffe-ruining, folicle mangling and extension-testing

action as only our ladies get it done!


We do lots of catfighting, but we’ve always had our ladies execute some pretty extreme and

painful holds in their quests for victory. This set has a wide variety of lifting, bending, stretching and

outrageous holds that are sure to have left an impression!

680 photos from released and unreleased sources!